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Welcome to Marechal Cattery

Our cattery specializes in the Chausie, Bengal, Safari and Savannah domestic breeds. You can read more about us on the About Us page.


CH Marechal Skye High
TICA 2006 Best Silver Spotted Bengal - SE Region
TICA 2007 3rd Best Silver Spotted Bengal - SE Region
CH Marechal Destinys Vendetta
ACFA 2007 Best Kitten - NE Region
ACFA 2007 Best Bengal Kitten - NE Region
ACFA 2007 Inter-American 2nd Best Bengal Kitten
DC Marechal Cloudy Skye
ACFA 2007 2nd Best Bengal Kitten - NE Region
ACFA 2007 3rd Best Kitten - NE Region
QC Trinity of Marechal
ACFA 2007 Best Bengal Cat - NE Region
ACFA 2007 2nd Best Cat - NE Region
Double Grand Champion BoulderRidge Avalanche of Marechal
TICA 2007 Best Silver Spotted Bengal Cat - NE Region
See our Show News page for updated show info!

Chausie, Bengal and Savannah Cats - Marechal Cattery

Member of:

  • The International Cat Association:  TICA Cattery Number 14319
  • International Progressive Cat Breeders Alliance Registered Cattery
  • American Cat Fanciers Association Cattery Number 21171
  • Signer of the Voluntary Responsible Breeder Program and the Breeder Code of Ethics
  • Bengal International Member Breeder Association: SIMBA
  • Feline Conservation Federation Registered Exotic Cat Handler
  • NOTE: Not all cats on premises, some used for reference only



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